Scholarships for autumn University of Cadiz courses seminars

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Organization of the 18th courses of autumn of the University of Cadiz Algeciras intends to grant, for each seminar, 10 free tuition scholarships. These conditions are aimed at establishing the framework for tuition-free scholarships aim to facilitate participation in the aforementioned winter courses. 

applicants for these grants should possess Spanish nationality, being a national of a country member of the European Union or foreign resident in Spain at the time of the request. 

grants that are called are:

to) 10 grants free tuition for each seminar of the 18th courses of autumn of the University of Cádiz in Algeciras.

b) Scholarship may only be requested for a single seminar.

c) may only be requested in case of being unemployed. 

requests should be addressed to the H.e. Mrs. Vice-Rector of international and Cultural in the: General Register of the University of Cádiz Rectorate (wide C / 16. 11001 Cádiz). Reference: Scholarships Algeciras 2013 Fax: 957015004

preferably requests will be carried out electronically, either via the following website:

the scholarship application period ends on November 15, 2013. 

scholarship applications must include the following documentation:

– instance: appears in the name, surname, address, postcode, population, age, contact phone, studies (concrete course) or profession, as well as seminar for which requested the scholarship (only can be requested for a unique seminar). 

– CURRICULUM VITAE reduced (according to the web questionnaire):

– photocopy of the card of unemployed or declaration sworn not be working in the time of the request:

the scale of application for the granting of scholarships shall be as follows:

1.-formation. The points obtained in this phase will be completed studies, so you will have to register except those included in paragraphs students and students of 2nd cycle. -PhD: 5 points – degree: 4 points – students 2nd cycle: 3 points – diploma: 2 points

– students: 1 point

2-courses 0.1 point for each course (of at least 20 hours) related to the theme of the course for which the scholarship is requested (the maximum for this section will be of 2 points). Please note that only those courses that relate to the topic of the seminar is bareman. 

seventh.-the scholarships resolution will be personally communicated to applicants by email. 

listing of seminars for which is can apply for scholarship

20, 21 and 22 November

E01 aspects legal and health in situations that affect the lower

E02 energy certification of existing buildings

25, 26 and 27 November

E03 port in Algeciras Bay logistics engineering: challenges of a port of last generation

E04 disputes of Gibraltar on the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht, 1713-2013

E05 occupation of the Campo de Gibraltar by prehistoric societies

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