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The Valencia City Council offers grants through the service of historical and Cultural heritage, which can be of the following categories:

grants from inventory and cataloguing of the funds of the Municipal Archives. Inventory and cataloguing of the Hemeroteca Municipal funds scholarship. Scholarship for cataloging, inventory and study of archaeological municipal funds. Scholarship of collaboration in the work of cataloguing the collections of the Museum of the city. Scholarship inventory of assets of the municipal museums. Restoration of the municipal archaeological funds scholarship. "Casa de Velázquez" scholarship.

requirements to be eligible for scholarships

be residents and nationals of any Member State of the European Union in the Valencian Community. Be in possession of the securities specified for each of the scholarships in the Bases of the invitation, not having more than five years after its obtaining, or 10 years in the case of the scholarship of cataloging, inventory and study of archaeological municipal funds or the restoration grant them. In the case of the Velázquez House scholarship, not exceed the age of 40.

the pazo of submissions is 2nd to July 20, 2012.

the scholarship Velázquez 2012-2013 for artists will have a duration of one academic year, understanding from the time of the admission of the person fellow in the Casa de Velázquez until July 31, 2013, and may, upon request and acceptance by the city of Valencia and the Casa de Velázquez, be extended another year under the same conditions.

the scholarship Velázquez shall draw up an amount of € 16,000. The person awarded the scholarship will have the chance to reside in the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid, who shall make available, free of charge, a necessary workshop for his work. Associate fellow at the exhibition which takes place in Paris every year, taking over the Casa de Velázquez of their travel and subsistence expenses according to the procedures laid down by the same person.

scholarship person of the Town Hall of Valencia will benefit from the same rights, working conditions and facilities that the members of the artistic section of the House - Académie de France à Madrid, and will be subject to the same obligations as defined in the internal regulations of the establishment. These obligations include the need to undertake personal projects, participation in exhibitions, meetings and seminars for the members of the artistic and the obligation to leave a work representative of his work at the end of his residency at the Casa de Velázquez and deliver another work before the end of your stay, to make it part of their artistic heritage to the Ayuntamiento de Valencia.