Scholarships entrepreneurs UCM master

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Idea Business Center convenes different types of scholarships for the MBA entrepreneurs UCM Master: Master Business Entrepreneurship of the Complutense University of Madrid.

a scholarship of 100% for individual project the winner of the UCM entrepreneur award or up to four scholarships of 70% for teams of four people. (For two people 90% and three 80%). Economic value of 100% Scholarship: 7,850 euros. For the scholarship Master 100%: Entrepreneur Award “UCM” for the best business project will be valued innovation creativity and economic viability.

a grant of 50% for the Social Entrepreneur Award winner. Economic value: 3925 euros. The degree of social development, sustainability and employment will be valued to generate. For that idea or project that offers a greater impact of social development up to four scholarships of 50% will be awarded to each Member of the winning team. Maximum Endowment scholarship 15,700 euros. 

a grant of 50% for Social Media entrepreneur award winner. Economic value: 3925 euros. For that idea or project that achieves greater recognition in social networks and in various media. The press releases, the followers on twitter, will be assessed the I like you on Facebook, followers and Youtube Channel subscribers in general from other social networks. Up to four scholarships of 50% will be awarded to each Member of the winning team.

four scholarships talent of 30% according to the degree of entrepreneurship. It is measured using an interview and a test. Maximum Endowment: $ 10,000 euros.

four grants 30% unemployment for those who demonstrate their degree of initiative and are unemployed. Maximum staffing: 10,000 euros.

* there are exactly the same scholarships for the program on line with a complement of 4,850 euros.

for the selection of projects will create a Committee formed by the Complutense University of Madrid with the directors of the program Master Business Entrepreneurship, the director of the Business Center idea and five experts in the various branches of knowledge. The decision of the jury will be made public through the website and by direct communication to the winners.

initiatives should be original and have been made by the author or authors thereof. Therefore about its eventual publication or implementation conditions as well as author’s rights shall be established.

the deadline for scholarship initiatives concludes on September 7, 2013 to the 23.59 hours. The jury’s decision will be on September 21, 2013.

the initiative will be presented in paper, and shall be completed in Arial, size 12, single line spacing. The maximum number of pages of the request may not exceed six sheets. A photocopy of the DNI or NIE of the participants in the project will be presented along with the initiatives. Requests shall be addressed to the Vice-Rectorate of students, indicating that it is the third edition of the prizes enterprising University UCM and may be presented in the General Register of the UCM or in any of its auxiliary records.

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