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Scholarships collaboration Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The Complutense University of Madrid carried out a policy of collaboration scholarships for their students in order to strengthen the practical training in various areas. To this end Announces 15 scholarships of practice students training of the Complutense University of Madrid, with character of aid to the educational, cultural, scientific, and professional promotion for students enrolled in studies leading to the obtaining of official degrees, diploma or a degree that they fulfil the conditions set out in this call.

conditions General:

be registered in official studies diploma, degree, degree or masters in the UCM during academic 2013‐2014 and maintain this requirement should have extension of the scholarship during the academic year 2014‐15. Be approved, at least, a number of credits equivalent to the first year of the curriculum in which the applicant is enrolled. Not be in possession, or meet the legal requirements for the issuance of a college degree or any of the studies that enable to professional practice, except master and have earrings at least 30 credits for completing the diploma, degree, degree or master's degree. Not having enjoyed before a scholarship of collaboration at the Complutense University of Madrid for 12 or more months. Not having renounced a grant collaboration of the Complutense University of Madrid without just cause.

these grants-related activities will be held from 2 June until July 31, and September 1 to 30 of the same month.