Scholarships Cevaz

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Cevaz scholarships are support for members of the community, with limited economic condition and worthy academic quality have the opportunity of studying the English language in the Centro Venezolano American del Zulia, CEVAZ.

you can apply if you wish to learn, get ahead and give a twist to your academic training. Scholarships awarded the Venezuelan-American Center of Zulia are an open call for all those children, young people and adults wishing to study English. Students from elementary, high school, college students and new professionals, willing to complete their training with our courses. If you’re active CEVAZ student, you can also apply, and opt out of the opportunity.

there are scholarships for everyone, as we receive requests, these are will be classifying according to the age and type of scholarship receive, therefore, any interested person may apply.

to qualify for one of these scholarships you must meet the following requirements:


2 your completed scholarship application form. Updated picture type passport (preferably scanned in the form/not limited)

3. Letter of intent, in Spanish, handwritten, drawn up by the applicant for the grant, which must express willingness to opt for the scholarship, an explanation of because the applicant wants to study English and the usefulness of this language within their particular context.

4. Report or socio-economic study by a Social worker, duly authorized for that purpose. This document should contain a comparative table which expresses the entry and exit of each Member of the family

5. Possess a grade point average equal to or greater than 17 points and submit a copy of the constancy of the last completed period notes, issued by the educational institution, even if it is not active student at the time of filing the documents.

6. Photocopy of identity card (or birth certificate if under).

7. Shortlisted applicants will present proof of attitude and placement test.

documents must be delivered complete in a sealed envelope to the attention of the Department social projects in any of the addresses mentioned at the end of the page.

documents must be delivered in a sealed envelope to the attention of project social of the Centro Venezolano American del Zulia, in any of the venues.

Las scholarships cover the full cost of tuition for the English course in CEVAZ. Cancellation of textbooks and support material will be paid by the fellow. Be selected a person with knowledge of the language, it will be placed on the course most appropriate to their expertise.

timetable for the call for proposals grants Cevaz to grow 2013:

dates for download the form: up to 16/04/13

dates to deliver documents: until 30/04/13

delivery of grants: October 2013

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