Scholarships and grants to study University of Granada

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The University of Granada, with the priority objective of promoting equal opportunities in the field of university education, implements, through your own Plan of scholarships and grants to study, a comprehensive scholarship program aimed at facilitating the access and permanence in the studies offered by the University, looking for a distribution of resources that takes into account the varied academic circumstances and family for each student.

in order to achieve this objective, complementing the character General and mobility grants call for the 2012-2013 academic year for students of university education of the Ministry of education, culture and Sport (BOE No. 194 of August 14, 2012), this resolution establishes the regulatory bases of the granting of scholarships and financial aid to the study of General character of the University of Granada.

the forms of aid offered, among which the applicant must choose based on their academic performance, are:

a. aid to public prices by academic services.

b. material aid.

c. support for accommodation.

d. grant from dining room.

also kept grants Social assistance which comes giving those students which are not beneficiaries of scholarship or other support, have an economic, social or family situation that can influence the continuity of their studies the University of Granada.

may apply for grants and AIDS to the study of General character, students who are enrolled in the University of Granada in studies leading to an official degree degree as well as diploma or degree, listed in the catalogue of official qualifications approved by the Ministry of education. Also may apply for these scholarships students enrolled in official master’s programmes offered by the University of Granada.

offered aid shall be as follows:

1) for students in first year of education of, with a rating of less than 5.5 on the University entrance test, and do not therefore access to the Ministry’s call for General type and mobility scholarship for College.

a. 90 of public prices for academic services. This aid shall be granted only for early registrations.

B. 30 accommodation.

C. 10 material.

D. 30 dining. (

) for the rest of students of degree, diploma, or degree:

a. 595 of public prices for academic services. This aid shall be granted only for early registrations.

B. 90 accommodation.

C. 525 material.

D. 482 of dining

3) are offered equally to 50 aid for students enrolled in official masters of the University of Granada.

the application it may be through the identified access page of the University of Granada, once the student is enrolled, from September 18, 2012, for leading applications to obtain an official undergraduate degree, as well as for undergraduate until October 31, 2012. For the aid of official master’s programmes, the term is until 7 December 2012. Once completed and submitted on-line, student print a receipt of your application, you must keep it. It will not be necessary to present any document in your centre of studies. Student may be eligible for assistance only.

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