Scholarships abroad for Spanish professionals training: health

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Mapfre Foundation, created in 1975, in Spain and Latin America develops activities of general interest to the society in relation to the following objectives:

– promote the security of people and their heritage, with special attention to road safety, medicine and health


– the improvement of the quality of life and the environment.

– promote the dissemination of culture, the arts and letters.

– promoting training and research in matters relating to insurance.

– to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge in relation to the common

history of Spain, Portugal and countries bound by historical ties to them.

– contribute to the improvement of the economic, social and cultural conditions of people and less favoured sectors of society.

activities carried out through five specialized institutes: Social Action; Sciences of the insurance; Culture; Prevention, health and environmental protection and road safety.

the Area of health the Institute of prevention, health and environment, encourages and supports health education and research thereby promoting a better quality of life of people. In this context, FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE performs scholarships for training of Spanish professionals abroad in issues related to their areas of activity.

FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, in the Area of health Announces 5 scholarships from abroad, with a gross amount each one of 4,000 euros.

offers the possibility of exchanging experiences between Spanish professionals who provide services in hospitals, health centres, universities, etc., with foreign centres of excellence.

fellowships will be convened in the following fields:

– orthopedic surgery, Traumatology and rehabilitation.

– assessment of bodily harm.

– health management: quality and clinical safety.

– damage brain and spinal cord (excluding neurodegenerative).

– health promotion: diet and physical activity.

fellowships will have a duration of no less than two months.

the requirements to be fulfilled by the participants in this call are as follows:

having Spanish nationality.
Found at the time of submission of the grant, in possession of a university degree in the area of health.
Provide letter of acceptance or admission of the responsible of the Center or Department where is intended to acquire such training. The centres will be freely chosen by each applicant. MAPFRE Foundation will not provide the institutions.
Submit an explanatory memorandum of the draft that defines subjects or topics you want to receive training.
Sufficient knowledge of the language of the country of destination.

applicants must submit their applications by October 19, 2012.

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