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Scholarship Vega 2012 Primitivo

Fundación Mapfre summons the primitive Fellowship Vega 2012, giving assistance to a legal entity or natural person dedicated to care for the elderly whose strength is 15,000 euros in order to facilitate financial support for the realization of a scientific work in this area.

primitive scholarship of Vega's research is convened on an annual basis, since 2007 in tribute and recognition to D. Primitivo of Vega, who was President of Mapfre assistance and of Mapfre Quavitae until his death in 2006, and who devoted an important part of their professional activity, in recent years, the area of care for the elderly.

the aim is to promote research between institutions and professionals of Spain, Portugal and the Ibero-American countries.

research projects submitted to this competition must be about one of the following thematic areas:

instruments classification of dependence and users, to set homogeneous groups of intervention or innovative instruments of measurement in any of the areas in the residential environment: physical, functionalpsycho-social. Intervention programmes in different groups of elderly and professional in the residential environment. Programmes from the residence at Community level (socio-health, intergenerational, training coordination, etc.). Models in training and communication within the residential environment with caregivers, professionals, and families. Technological innovations that favour independence, control, monitoring, security and guarantee of attention to the older person in the residential environment and its possible application in the home. Volunteer programs in the residential environment with dependents: complementarity with the attention of professionals. Intervention stocks higher with specific circumstances (blindness, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc.).

applications may be submitted until 19 October 2012 and the decision will be made public in December 2012.