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Convened a traineeship grant to develop and improve the tools that they have to do with the Aragonese Portal of augmentative communication and alternative ARASAAC. The Fellowship will take place between September and December 2015 and is co-funded by the European Social Fund. This site works since 2007 through the Department of education, culture and sport of the Government of Aragon, with a group of working staff of the CATEDU and the Alborada EEC and the collaboration of the old Centro Politécnico Superior (CPS) of the University of Zaragoza, current school of engineering and architecture. Its objective is to create a pictographic system of communication and computer tools, free broadcasting, that facilitate accessibility in terms of communication in different areas for people who so require it. This scholarship is available to students of degree in computer engineering or who are pursuing a second Bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering cycle. They must not corresponding to degree, engineering, degree or masters degree. Applicants must have passed the first complete cycle or at least 45% of the credits of the second if is engineering or Bachelor's degree in computer science, or 180 credits for degree students in computer science. Interested parties must submit the application which is in annex I to the call in the General registry of the Department of education, culture and sport, located in the Ruiz Picasso Street, 65-D, floor 1st; in the register of the Provincial service of education, culture and sport of Zaragoza, C/Juan Pablo II, 20; in the service Provincial of education, culture and sport of Huesca, Plaza Cervantes, 1; the Provincial service of education, culture and sport of Teruel, C/San Vicente de Paúl, 3; in the remaining units of the record of the Government of Aragon. The term concludes on September 14, 2015.