Scholarship Torrado concrete

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The dancing House convenes a scholarship for young Spanish students of dance. In order to stimulate vocational training is called tri-anual way the Hormigon-torrado scholarship. It is a scholarship intended and created to complete the training of performers in ballet.

call this is an incentive for young students, and a new opportunity to vindicate the figure of the Spanish professional interpreter.

is created for the first seen in this year of 2013 – and with effect for the next academic year 2013/14 – with purpose and desire for continuity in time.

the total amount for this scholarship is 4,000 euros that will be used exclusively to finance the costs of accommodation, food and transportation of the student selected by the jury. This transport concept provides two trips (roundtrip) to the place of residence. The rest of travel which may be made shall be borne by count of the scholarship. In any case, the amount of the scholarship may be used to pay for clothing or equipment necessary for the formation of the student.

the call will be trianualmente, even though the election determined by the jury as the recipient of the scholarship may enjoy it for three consecutive academic years provided the use is the ideal and proper.

accordingly, every year at the end of the school term, the beneficiary will have to present an academic report of good use, and satisfactory evolution of the studies carried out. This report will be which will determine the continuation of the benefit of the scholarship for the following year. Also, you are prompted with an annual report of the work carried out during the academic year. The costs of accommodation and meals will be made directly by the dancing House residence chosen for the selected stay.

each year, the beneficiary shall submit a report of transport costs which have been carried out during the school year. The dancing House shall reimburse them – by bank transfer – once they were received supporting documents (travel tickets) at the headquarters of the dancing House. Calle Ruavieja, 25. 26001 Logroño.

to access this scholarship must be of Spanish nationality and have 15 years (15 years) within the school year in which the call is made.

be to studying dance, at the time of the request, and with excellent qualifications.

to qualify for this scholarship, candidates should send – mail certificate to the address of the dancing House. Calle Ruavieja, 25. 26001 Logroño – the following documentation:

to) a letter explaining the reason for which request the scholarship.

b) identity document who request the scholarship.

c) qualifying accreditation of level in dance.

d) two photographs, one face (size 10 x 15) and the other in academic attire: girls with Jersey, socks and slippers; and for the guys with Jersey, Mayan and slippers.

e) photocopy of the Declaration of family income.

f) a recording on DVD in two variations: a classic and a free variation. Both in clothes of class and maximum duration of two minutes (02´) each of them.

g) a letter from the parent or guardian of the candidate consenting to the grant request.

the term ends on May 31, 2013. The application of participation according to annex model that must be sent by email to on its own behalf.

once sent the request to participate, the documents required in the “Requirements” section must be sent by postal mail certificate to the address of the dancing House. Calle Ruavieja, 25. 26001 Logroño, before May 31, 2013.

to determine the beneficiary of the scholarship Hormigon-torrado will create a jury made up of five people who will be in charge of deciding the name of deserving scholarship student. Decisions of the jury shall be sovereign, final and you will not accept any kind of claim in this regard.

will be two qualifiers being the first on the basis of the documentation and images received by postal mail.

for the second phase, candidates (communicate them by telephone) must be submitted (in academic attire) in Logroño – place, date and time to be determined – to perform a free advanced level ballet class and realize the performance of variations that were presented on the DVD.

at the end of this second phase, the jury will make public its verdict and, therefore, the name of the student who has earned the award of the “Hormigon-torrado grant”.

the House of the dance will not be expenses of the candidates selected for the second phase.

the House of the dance will not be responsible for the injury during the second test. Candidates should go properly secured to this second phase.

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