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Scholarship to the University of Tufts United States

Under the agreement signed between the University of Alcalá and Tufts University (United States), the Vice Rectorate of international relations it organises a competition to fill a scholarship for study at Tufts University.


to) be enrolled in the University of Alcalá as a student of 1 St, 2 nd or 3rd cycle in the academic year 2012/13.

b) very good knowledge of English language. Applicants must be in possession of the results of the TOEFL examination with a minimum score of 100 points (carried out by the Web (equivalent to approximately 5 th year of the official school of languages). Submission of TOEFL score required is mandatory.

scholarship will be developed between the end of August 2013 until mid-May 2014.


a. academic tuition. The scholar has access to all course offered in the College of Liberal Arts and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University as per the normal process of registration (with the additional possibility of taking a course each semester at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences or the School Nutrition).

b. accommodation in a single room in a Tufts dorm during the lesson periods (the residences will be closed between the third week of December and the third week of January).Full meal plan in the University dining halls during the lesson periods.

c. health insurance: the scholarship covers the use of the University infirmary, but the fellow is required to subscribe to the Tufts medical insurance (approximately $ 1,700 per year) to cover any serious possibility of health.

d. Endowment: $ 6,000 paid by Tufts University in monthly installments from September to may if the student accepts the assignment of teaching practical courses on Spanish conversation. And a one-time payment of $ 100 paid for Tufts University in Spain for the help on publicizing the program of Spain among the students of Tufts University in Medford.


a. attend conferences and other cultural events at the headquarters of the Tufts University program in Spain from the moment it been informed officially of the granting of the scholarship.

b. encourage and organize cultural activities, preferably related to Spanish society and culture.

c. encourage the use of the language Spanish in the "Casa Española". "

d. to publicize among American students Tufts program in Spain, of actively and documented; promote the participation of activities related to Tufts in Spain (participation in blog, forums with students, etc.) and attend meetings with students from Tufts, to encourage them to attend Tufts program request in Spain.

e. participation during the academic year after of his return to Spain in the cultural activities of the program, such as, for example, attendance at conferences, participation in activities with students, etc. On average these activities can require 4 hours monthly.

all documents shall be submitted in the General Register of the University of

Alcala, in the records of their faculties and schools or by any other means that

reflects the law of administrative procedure 30/92. The deadline for submission of applications

on January 28, 2013.