Scholarship Proclinic dentistry

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Proclinic scholarship has goal help the expansion and specialization of the training in dentistry from a newly titled, as well as publish, advertise, and to publicize their research work in the field of the application of new techniques and dental practices.

scholarship will consist of a bag of studies which must necessarily be intended to cover the costs of enrollment, stay and maintenance (if necessary) derived from the realization of training for specialization in any of the world academic center.

upon completion of postgraduate training which has been the subject of the grant, the winning person will bring to Proclinic, official certification attesting to the completion of the same as well as the same degree.

así same, or at the completion of training or within a maximum period to two years from the date of the grant (the first of the two options that occur), shall be delivered to Proclinic a report on the State of the issue and current status of the subject collected at the award-winning study proposalwhich will include applications, applications, references or impact of these techniques or practices may have on the dental industry.

Proclinic, if so consider it, may convene conferences, seminars, clinical sessions, conferences and/or activities deemed appropriate to report the project of Investigacion-memoria.

call for proposals is open to all those dentists who have obtained their degree academic during the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

total will be awarded two scholarships endowed by Proclinic with the economic quantity for the first € 20,000 and 15,000 euros for the second.

of the awards imply the cession of rights for a period of two years from the final report and involves the dissemination of the content of the same, to be carried out by means of conferences, seminars, sessions clinics, conferences and/or activities Proclinic convened to ensure the dissemination of the research. After this time, the author may publish this work on its own, stating that the work has been awarded the Proclinic prize.

applications for scholarships can occur until the 30 of December 2013.

the applicant to present a reasoned exhibition about studies postgraduate or research project proposed by the candidate. In it, the premises and motivations that have led him to carry out the training, as well as the objectives set will be detailed. Through this exhibition, the author presents its candidature to the jury anonymously. Specify the academic center and Department which is carrying out its training, using the arguments that consider that they will provide value to your application, based on the criteria for the evaluation of the jury.

the extension must not exceed three folios. This proposal allows the jury to assess appearance number of candidacy. Not make such a proposal the bid shall be excluded.

candidates will formalize his candidacy throughout the period. Two copies of the proposed study, anonymous, and bound with an adequate presentation will be delivered. All documentation will be presented in two formats: paper and computer support and will be distributed in two envelopes identified with numbers and a motto or title of the candidacy.

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