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Convened the scholarship to study photography at the Pedro Meyer Foundation, an institution nonprofit dedicated to visual education in Mexico.

the winner of this award will become student of "Bitácora Visual: introduction to the language photographic", a new educational model which combines group classes and personalized attention of a tutor who will guide them to answer the basic questions that every photographer should be: what makes me photographer? What it gives value to a photo? Is a photo which is taken, which is thought, which consists at the moment or that forms in post-production? What is post production? Who are my influences as a photographer? And a long list of questions that Iran already emerging on their way for photography.

course starts on February 11, has a duration of 12 weeks, and will be taught on Mondays and Wednesday from 18: 00 to 21: 00 hrs. at the headquarters of the Pedro Meyer Foundation, located in the center of Coyoacan.

addition, the winner of the scholarship will become the official photographer of during 2013, covering the best events with camera in hand and press badge.

deadline to apply for the scholarship Expires February 1.

open to all those interested, without age restriction, which reside in the city of Mexico. Participants must send five photographs of free form and theme, which demonstrates its potential as a photographer and to define their interests.

in addition, each work must be accompanied by a text that define the following:

what is photography? What does the picture? What defines a photographer?

work must be entirely original, unpublished and may not participate in any other call. Materials which do not comply with the specifications outlined in these rules will be disqualified and for no reason may be worthy of the award. Each participant may participate only with a job.

the results will be published on 6 February, in the portal. Who wins will be awarded a scholarship of 100% for the program of

introduction to the photographic language taught by the Pedro Meyer Foundation and will be the official photographer of during the 2013 to cover concerts that are assigned to you.