Scholarship of excellence in creative talent

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

With the intention of supporting the best creative talent in their university education, the Universidad de Monterrey has received a special prize to be used for the financial support of young students who wish to complete their studies in the programs of art, textile design and fashion, architecture, interior design, graphic design and Industrial Design.

this scholarship focuses on national and international candidates who go to enter the first half of either the Division of art, architecture and design (DAAD) races, and who commit themselves to devote himself full time to develop or increase their creative talents in the areas mentioned.

the last day of receipt of initial documents will be April 15, the 22nd will proceed to notification of screening, interviews and tests to be in April and may, June 3 completes the term of receipt of documents of the pre-selected and the award will be known on June 7.

before 12: 00 hours on April 15, the candidate shall submit to Adriana Patricia Avilés, in the Office of the Division of art, architecture and design, located in the 3rd piso-oriente of the center Robert Garza Sada’s art, architecture and design (CRGS):

1. Letter of intent addressed to the: selectivity of the talent creative 2013 grant “Comité” in where to manifest their interest, vocation and the reason you want to get the scholarship. ” It should consist of a maximum of two pages (separated and folder) Letter size.

2. Curriculum vitae in free format and portfolio of academic and/or professional work where demonstrate its potential for discipline. Both should develop in up to 10 sheets letter size (preferably use both sides of paper). Include an extra sheet of cover with your complete personal data: name, date of birth, address, email and phone number. Datasheet (specifying measures, dates, technique used, if it was made under advice or by its own initiative, and information that the author deems relevant) shall appear in each job shown. The portfolio will not be returned and may be used, prior consent of the author, to promote scholarship in subsequent editions.

3. Two letters of academic recommendation in sealed envelope. Letters must include the recommender bonding with the recommended time know him and which academic institution belongs.

documents can be sent with attention to Adriana Patricia Avilez Ramos at the following address:

University of Monterrey

center Robert Garza Sada

3rd floor Ote.

Av. Ignacio Morones Prieto 4500 Pte.

San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L., Mexico

C. p. 66238

15 April will be contacted individually pre-selected students, who during April and may should be:

4. Submit the admission exam of the DAAD on the date that specified you.

5. Allow for a study economic partner and provide the relevant documents for this purpose.

6. Attend the interview with the Committee of selectivity in the date and time that is set you.

before 12: 00 hours on June 3, pre-selected students must deliver to Adriana Patricia Avilés, evidentiary documents which show:

7. Be accepted for entry to the UDEM in any of the races of the DAAD.

8. Have credited all his subjects high school with an outstanding average.

9. Have achieved a minimum score of 1200 on the College Board or PAA institutional admission exam.

10. Spanish speakers should prove to have obtained a minimum of 550 in TOEFL score, while those who are not should commit themselves to take Spanish classes during the first year of his career.

June 7 will award the award and disseminate media designating the UDEM, while will be contacted to the winners personally.

in this way, two full scholarships will be awarded for the year, which will cover:

registration and tuition throughout his career.
Heritage insurance.
Health insurance.
Place in the area of high performance in the CRGS.
In case of identified need, lodging in residences UDEM, vouchers for food UDEM and support for school work (amount limited, determined every six months by the Committee of selectivity depending on the degree study) will be covered.
If you do not master the Spanish language, will support the first year with learning courses for continuing education.

the scholarship shall maintain the following requirements to preserve it:

maintain an overall average equal to or higher than 90.
Approve all its materials.
Show 100% attendance at academic activities organized by the DAAD.
Meet the appropriations corresponding to the advance of its curriculum, carrying full academic load according to its program.
Maintain a conduct and behavior of excellence serving institutional and specific regulations of the CRGS.
Expose every six months at least one of its projects in some cultural space approved by the Director of his career.
Update your portfolio annually.
Be the case, successfully pass the course of Spanish.

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