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Scholarship of architecture in New York City 2015

It is convened, in regime of public competition, a scholarship for the realization of an innovative project or research in the field of architecture in the city of New York, which contributes to make the Academy a platform and international experimentation of Spanish architecture laboratory. The Fellowship will take place during a six-month period, as part of an academic institution of prestige in New York, benefiting from reside in one of the cities considered as a center of innovation, with a very active in cultural creation and dissemination of knowledge.

can be a candidate if you're a titled senior architects at any of the schools of architecture of the Spanish territory, or if you're a foreign architect with degree obtained in Spain or architect with degree obtained outside the Spanish and convalidado territory in Spain.

requirements, among others, are to have an innovative idea in the field of architecture with great impact, as well as knowledge of English.