Scholarship MBA in China and India

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Casa Asia and la Caixa Foundation summon seven scholarships to university graduates, graduates and graduates to study business (MBA) in China and India. These studies may be carried out in the following centers:

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), established in Shanghai.
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School, established in Hong Kong.
Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad and Mohali.

in the case of scholarships for school CEIBS, fellows must move to Shanghai in July of 2014 to start a course of mandarin, after which will be incorporated into the master, with a duration of 18 months. In total, the scholarship covers a maximum of 20 months followed by a stay in China. In the case of scholarships to HKUST school, fellows must move to Hong Kong to join the master in August 2014. The master has a duration of 16 months… In the case of scholarships for the ISB school, fellows must join mentioned school in April 2014 to begin their studies, which have a duration of one year.

scholarship covers:

ticket for round-trip aircraft from the closest airport to the usual address of the fellow to the airport in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Hyderabad/Mohali, by the most direct route, tourist-class.
Tuition at the school of business.
Provision of 910 euros per month for the scholarship in Shanghai and Hyderabad/Mohali, and 1,400 euros per month for scholarships in Hong Kong.
Only initial endowment of 1,050 euros, for books and other expenses of installation.
Provision of 1,000 euros for a course of mandarin in Shanghai for scholarships in the CEIBS.
In the case in the HKUST, the master already includes a course of mandarin in three weeks.
Cost of issuance of a student visa.
Sickness and accident insurance.

applicants should have Spanish nationality. You can apply for a scholarship:

University graduates, graduates and graduates who have completed their studies in colleges or universities of the Spanish universities. May not be used for applications in which crediting studies diploma, engineering or technical architecture, or graduate with a less than 240 ECTS credits workload, except that, in addition, be credited:

studies of the upper cycle that complement any of the mentioned qualifications, either

master’s degree 60 ECTS credits taught at any University of the higher European education space.

the students who, having obtained the University degree abroad, credited the European degree title supplement or the approval of the Ministry of education before the date of the closing of the call for proposals (June 25).

students who prove themselves of superior character titles issued in any Spanish University, provided the extension of the curriculum is not less than four years.

call for proposals closes on June 25, July 3 will communicate the result of pre-selection and the call for interviews, which will be held on July 17. On July 23 the final result will be communicated. The Fellowship will begin in July 2014 (CEIBS), August 2014 (HKUST) and April 2014 (ISB).

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