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Scholarship Fulbright Hubert H. Humphrey

The Fulbright Hubert H. Humphrey fellowship offers one year of enrichment and completed development in the United States Colombians with recognized professional experience, spirit of leadership and proven experience in the public or private sector in projection and social articulation work. The program seeks to develop leaders whose knowledge and skills have a multiplier effect in their societies. This scholarship provides an approach to society and American culture and an opportunity to learn about current trends in their occupational fields. Some of its objectives are: the creation and strengthening of partnerships and long-term relationships between professionals from around the world, the expansion of the range of exchange programs and understanding by American citizens of other cultures and societies. For a year the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows participate in activities that take place in universities and U.S. organizations, which combine academic and professional components. Fellows have the opportunity to take courses at the postgraduate level, attend training for professional development according to their interests and have a working affiliation, for approximately 6 weeks, in an organization on the United States. Similarly, participate in workshops and conferences that provide interaction with leaders at all levels of Governments, international organizations and the public and private sectors. Humphrey Fellows are assigned, one academic year, one of the 18 participating U.S. universities, which have been carefully selected based on their academic excellence, his affinity with the thematic areas of the programme, its institutional commitment and the support offered to the participants of the program. Each University has a coordinator Humphrey that provides academic and administrative support and with tutors to help the fellows to design and implement an individualized program of study and professional development activities. Requirements scholarship Fulbright Hubert H. Humphrey Be a Colombian citizen and have Passport Colombian (not Colombian have dual citizenship). Be residing in Colombia at the time of the present call for proposals. Have professional degree: graduating at the latest on 30 July 2007, a face-to-face career of minimum duration of 4 years (8 semesters) Have existing labour link in Colombia Show minimum five years of professional experience after the degree (by August 2013) in the study area of interest. Enjoy quality of demonstrable leadership and experience in projects of development for the community Demonstrate proficiency in the English language. TOEFL (IBT-71/CBT-173/PBT-525/institutional-525);  Fulbright administered institutional TOEFL tests. For more information see here Not have been recipient of a Fulbright research or teaching program previously Have not conducted University studies for a period equal to or more than one year in the United States.UU., in the last 7 years Not having any type of employment or academic experience for a period equal to or greater than six months in the United States.UU, in the last 5 years to August 1, 2013 Are not eligible scholars, scientists and researchers who do not have level or administration, direction, and/or management responsibilities (except for candidates in the areas of teaching English as a foreign language and prevention, education, treatment in drug abuse) Not compete simultaneously in other announcements sponsored by Fulbright Colombia The deadline for submission on 29 July and the beginning of the academic program in United States will be in August 2013.