Scholarship Foundation Universia-Esade

Universia Foundation and ESADE launch the III call scholarships Universia-Esade Foundation with the aim of promoting the social and labour integration of people with disabilities, helping to enforce the principle of equal opportunities. Through the granting of financial aid to students with disabilities is pursued that they might access or progress normally in their academic and vocational training process increasing thus achieving a quality employment opportunities.

this scholarship program is aimed at students enrolled in the following master of the Center: Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), AMP, PMD, Executive Master in Corporate Finance (EMCF), Executive Master in Marketing and sales (EMMV_ENG), Executive Master in Digital Business (EMDB) and Executive Master in people and Organization (EMPO).

Podran apply for grants professionals who meet the following requirements:

EMBA: professionals of at least 5 years of professional experience, titled top and Business level of English

AMP: at least 15 years of professional experience

PMD professionals. Professionals of at least 8 years of experience professional Executive Master in Corporate Finance

(EMCF), Executive Master in Marketing and sales (EMMV_ENG), Executive Masters in Digital Business (EMDB) and Executive Master in people and Organization (EMPO): at least 3 years of professional experience, graduates professionals. 

- Legally certify a disability equal to or greater than 33% or permanent disability. 

Foundation Universia and ESADE awarded, in this call, three scholarships for the students of the above mentioned programs. The total amount of each aid per beneficiary will be 10,000 euros. This amount applies directly as a discount from the final tuition fee payable by each of the grantees. 

application forms is may collect together with the application forms for admission at ESADE, C/Mateo Inurria 25-27.o, in his case, downloaded from the web page applications must be submitted to Foundation Universia, until 31 December de2014.  

completed application forms, together with the documentation and together with a letter of motivation for the award of grants shall be submitted in paper format, without stapling, by postal mail to the following address:

Universia scholarships Foundation Universia - ESADE Foundation. Course 2013-14 Cantabria Avda n. building reef Pl.00 28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid)

once the deadline for submission of applications shall be checked if they meet the requirements. The Foundation will assess applications made a pre-selection of candidates, among which meet the above requirements, and shall forward them, together with a report issued by it, within the time limit of one month from the day that would have completed the deadline for the submission of applications.  

together with the application form must provide the following documentation:

to) copy of the official certificate of disability by the IMSERSO or equivalent body of the autonomous community.

b) copy of the University, in its case.

c) copy of certification academic (this can be extracted from Internet)

d) curriculum vitae of the applicant's should understand: personal data, training, additional training, professional experience, knowledge of languages and computer science.

e) any other document which the candidate deems appropriate to endorse your application. If the applicant is a high-level athlete, it is necessary to provide supporting documentation.

f) latest statement own income or in the absence of the family unit. 

one scholarship awarded time must be provided:

g) document of acceptance of the Fellowship, depending on model provided by the Universia Foundation. 

evaluation of applications will take place by the Foundation initially for the preselection referred to above. Among the shortlisted candidates, ESADE will designate those to which finally be granted the scholarship, making previously interested tests of selection that this entity come used in their processes.Exceptionally, by reasoned decision, some of the scholarships or all them may be vacant if none of the candidates meet the required profile.  

to do to select the winners of the scholarships and be considered, among others, the following criteria:

- academic record.


- accredited disability, type and grade professional experience.

- the special circumstances that can attend.

- income family. 

the granting of scholarships shall be resolved before January 10, 2015.