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Scholarship Foundation Prevent labour risks prevention r & d

For the seventh consecutive year, Prevent Foundation Announces r & d fellowships for the prevention of occupational hazards in order to promote research as a main factor to anticipate effectively to future industrial risks arising from the continued organizational, economic, social and cultural progress in which we are immersed, as well as have a greater knowledge of the current.

the projects submitted must meet the following objectives:

promoting and encouraging research in the field of the prevention of occupational hazards from the scientific side and practical application in all disciplines (safety, Industrial hygiene, ergonomics, applied psycho-sociology and occupational medicine). Projects must be unequivocally projects of research in the field of safety and occupational health, discarding all those deemed by the Scientific Committee that they do not conform to the description. To improve, through research, the conditions of occupational safety and health of all workers, and in particular, of particularly sensitive workers. Identify future emerging risks and to propose preventive measures for their elimination.  Provide a greater understanding of the risks associated with production of goods or services and the development of preventive technologies, proposing improvements in the Organization of the work.

projects will have a maximum duration of 12 months from the date of communication of the decision.

scholarships are geared to senior technical safety, Industrial hygiene, ergonomics and applied psycho-sociology, specialists of medicine and nursing of the work and all those professionals linked to the prevention of occupational hazards.

the scholarship may be requested in their personal capacity or in the context of an institution (prevention service, mutual of accidents at work and occupational diseases, teaching unit of occupational medicine, University, unit of occupational health, Center for primary care, hospital, company or other entities), being able to form joint teams composed by different entities.

applications may submit until next June 20. The failure of the call will be communicated only through its publication on the website of Fundación Prevent and personally to the grantees on July 13.

the total allocation for the call VII is 30,000 euros. The Scientific Committee may award scholarships up to a maximum of five projects. The scholarship will have a minimum of 6,000 euros and a maximum of 12,000 euros staffing. The amount of the scholarship will be distributed in the following way: 50% at the beginning and another 50% at 6 months of the start of the project.