Scholarship for Mexican journalists

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Program media and democracy (turn) of the Department of communication of the Universidad Iberoamericana city of Mexico (UIA) invites practitioners of journalism in Mexico to compete for academic scholarship Prende spring 2013.

scholarships are awarded to Mexican journalists who work for some means of communication independently, with at least three years of experience and who wish to learn and reflect on how to improve its informative activity in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.

La Universidad Iberoamericana will pay for the costs of registration, as well as courses and seminars that comprise the program.
They may apply for the scholarship turned on journalists in assets of Mexican nationality of electronic media and print (including freelancers).
The age limit to apply for the scholarship is 40 years.
Curriculum Vitae (indispensable containing full name, address, telephones, e-mail, date of birth, RFC and photography).
Two trials (maximum of 500 words each). One must explain their personal and professional interest in the grant, and the other, an analysis of the current situation of Mexican journalism.
You must send two recent samples of your journalistic work (no longer than two years).
The applicant must obtain from his employer the following documents:
Permission to be absent from the Middle 5 months that lasts the scholarship and the commitment that by the end of the same shall reimburse their source of work.
Commitment in writing from the employer keep his salary during the five months that lasts for the program.

candidates should commit themselves in writing a:

return to its means of communication at the end of the program.
That will not work during his participation in the scholarship program.
That it will finish the curriculum organized jointly with programme PRENDE, and commitment to achieve the highest levels of academic achievement.
That you will live in the city of Mexico during the duration of the scholarship.

in the case of texts, these must be sent in PDF or Word format. For audiovisual, they must send in mp3 and mp4 formats. PRENDE program reserves the right to grant some kind of economic support to candidates who do not have support of maintenance and that it merits your professional profile and place of residence.

with the advice of turns, the fellows form your personalized curriculum of at least four subjects according to their professional interests. You can choose any subject offered by the Ibero-American Universisd in all its divisions and academic departments, both undergraduate and graduate.

addition, participation in all workshops, seminars and specialized courses that organizes turns on with teachers and lecturers from Mexico and abroad.

through turns will be only awarded academic scholarships, so in the case of journalists who currently work for some means of communication, will only receive requests those who have commitment to their means of maintaining his salary during the five months that the program lasts.

independent journalists shall be exempt from the previous requirement, although they will have to cover all requirements requested.

Fellows will be selected by a Committee appointed by turns.

the deadline for submission of proposals is Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

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