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Scholarship for academic excellence of the University Camilo José Cela

The University Camilo José Cela convenes annually grants and AIDS to the study to study the official university degrees offered at the University. All scholarships and aid to the study offered by the University Camilo José Cela are compatible with the autonomous communities and the Ministry of education, culture and sport.

can apply for these scholarships all the students that are admitted in the UCJC to attend an official university degree.

in the case of the scholarship for academic excellence (BEA), is about to start or continue their university studies in the UCJC support to students with excellent academic achievement.


have made the admission test in the UCJC for some of their official titulaciones de grado, except imparted in the assigned Center U-TAD. Having requested the study aid for students with excellent academic use of the community of Madrid, that BEA requirements are the same as those published in the B.O.C.M. The minimum grade point average needed to apply for the scholarship will be 12.7 for new students at the University, students coming from educational systems of Member States of the European Union or other States with which Spain has signed international agreements in this regard, students from foreign educational systems with homologation of the degree and students who are in possession of the title of technician. The grade point average minimum to apply for the scholarship will be 9 for students over the age of 25 and 45 years. For students enrolled on University courses the minimum grade according to the B.O.C.M is 7'5 points for technical programmes of short cycle and long cycle, 8 for studies of medicine and double degrees, and 9 for the rest of qualifications. Previous scores must have been obtained in the first regular call equivalent to the month of June.

the application, accompanied by the documentation required for each case, must be made in the information service on 31 October of the year of application.