Scholarship Cardinal Cisneros of the Council Social of the University of Alcalá

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Social Council like organ of participation of society in the University of Alcalá is strongly interested in the promotion of excellence among teachers and students. In this regard, considers that it will facilitate access to our university students with the best academic records have, without a doubt, optimal results both in the field of teacher as learner and, longer term, after the incorporation of our graduates, in our own production system.

considered the difficulty of the current economic moment to encourage the entry of private funding to allow implementing new scholarships for students who begin their studies, for this academic year 2013 / 2014 will only proceed to give continuity to the call for renewal of scholarship for students who were beneficiaries last year.

scholarship will have the following components:

1. Help of residence: the student will be exempt from the payment of the monthly payment corresponding to the accommodation in a single room in the University residences of the University of Alcala during the course for which get the scholarship, whose cost is estimated at 3,000.

2. Exemption from the public prices for academic services: the student shall be exempt from the payment of the public prices corresponding to studies that curse.

3. Amount in cash: the aid will be 5,500 euros which will be fractionated on a quarterly basis and posted to the bank account provided by the student.

the renunciation, the beneficiary student scholarship, some of the same components, will result in the reduction of the total amount of aid in the amount corresponding to the concept not enjoyed.

scholarship has the following requirements:

1. Register at least for all core, compulsory and elective subjects laid down in the curriculum of its respective Center for the new academic year.

2. Have approved between June and September calls unless all core, compulsory and elective subjects laid down in the curriculum of its respective Center for the previous academic year.

3. Having obtained an average of 7.5 points Note If the studies pursued the previous year were medicine or 8 for the rest of the studies, except for the degree in architecture where the media will be 6.5. Teaching techniques in the Middle note will be 6.6.

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