Scholarship agency State official Gazette

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The Agency State official Gazette Announces six scholarships for training in treatment activities and dissemination of legal documentation and documentary funds of the Agency State official Gazette for graduates College.

the duration of the scholarship is 12 months with possibility of extension by twelve month, on request three months in advance to the fulfilling of the first period, and its authorization by the Agency.

in this way, Spanish University can apply for one of these graduates scholarships or nationals of a country of the Union European, with residence in Spanish territory, in the enjoyment of the grant date, who satisfy the following conditions:

be in possession of a university degree in graduate or degree issued by Spanish universities or accredited by the Ministry of education, in any of the branches of social and legal sciences or humanities, according to the catalogue of official university qualifications (annex to Royal Decree 1954 / 1994 of 30 September).
Having obtained this title in the 2008 academic year or subsequent years.
Specific training materials library or document management.

the endowment of scholarships will be 1,000 euros per month, charged to the concept 480 (scholarships) grant from the Agency’s budget. Recipients of the scholarship will have the coverage granted by Social Security, according to the regulations in force at all times, and within the requirements and conditions of this type of scholarship.

the deadline for submission of instances will be twenty calendar days from the day following the publication of this notice in the official bulletin of the State.

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