Round III of the Fund of entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol Fund promotes the development of business projects designed to provide improvements in the efficient use of energy and natural resources, through the call for a process of presentation and selection of projects in accordance with the following principles:

the deadline for submitting applications ends on November 15, 2013 within 24 hours of the Spanish peninsular schedule.

Podran participate all those individuals of legal age, as well as any legal person legally constituted, no limitations on nationality, that the date of publication of these bases are holders of a project or business activity that in the judgement of those responsible stand out by using procedures, processes, technologies, etc., involving contributions significant to the improvement of energy efficiency or the development of bioenergy (the detailed field in the) field of energy efficiency and bioenergy for the purposes of this call for proposals is specified under the heading “How to participate” in the website of the Fund).

of the Repsol group employees may participate in this call whenever the contents of their possible nominations is not directly related to the functions those playing in their present work posts, or which had played in previous positions.

languages of submission of proposals will be Spanish or English.

nominations must include at least the following data requested in the form that can be found at the website of the Fund:

I. full name or corporate name of the natural or legal person who participates, as well as date of birth or date of incorporation, respectively.

II. Nationality and ID card MFRS or any data analogous to the case of natural persons or legal foreign.

III. Professional activity of natural persons and legal persons social object.

be necessary to complete the accessible entry form from the website of the Fund, including the main aspects of innovation and economic advantages of efficiency provided for.

addition to the form in electronic format, participants may submit, by regular mail or courier to the address of the Fundación Repsol indicated in point 7, or e-mail: which is accessed from the website of the Fund, all additional information that participants may be of interest to be valued in the whole of its proposal.

a jury composed of independent experts in a number not less than 5, belonging to the founder group Repsol, academia, as well as any other experts in different disciplines, in all cases selected by the Fund of entrepreneurs, they will analyze the results of the evaluation and determine which proposals will receive economic allocations and incubation, as described in the next item taking into account, among others, the following aspects:

I. The validity of the scientific and technical foundations of the proposal.

II. The level of innovation of the proposal.

III. The financial and business viability of the project.

IV. The economic and social impact of the introduction of the relevant product/service market

V. The energy and environmental impact of the introduction of the product/service in the market.

VI. The adequacy of the current state of the business plan to the entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol Fund incubation process.

VII. The valuation of the team of the project.

VIII. The social benefits of the implementation of the business plan in your / area/s of application.

the Fund of entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol will equip the projects finally selected to move to the phase of incubation, a number next to five (5), with a monthly allowance of between six and twelve thousand euros (6,000 and 12,000€), during the incubation process, whose duration will be of a maximum of twenty-four (24) months, except in exceptional cases, and provide mentoring in the areas that the Fund deems necessary (technical, financial, legal, commercial, etc.) for the good end of the selected projects. The objective of the Fund improves

being and development of technologies, products, services, etc. selected, the Fund may consider, during the incubation process, extraordinary contributions (cash, media or in-kind) to the initially assigned to one or more of the selected projects.

Additionally, the Fund will select about five (5) proposals for their degree of development do not meet the elements needed to be admitted to the incubation process, but whose content is deemed sufficiently relevant to be supported so that they reach a greater maturity allowing them to return to submit the corresponding proposal to successive calls of the Fund.

these proposals will be equipped with a maximum of two thousand (2,000) monthly euros financial aid for a period of twelve (12) months, during which you may submit their candidacies to the convocation of the Fund of entrepreneurs to start while participants selected in this category receive the designated financial aid.

in no case the bottom of entrepreneurs of the Fundación Repsol acquires the commitment to selecting the projects included in this second category into the incubation phase in successive calls.

the Fund entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol to facilitate, directly or in collaboration with third parties, the holding of forums open with investors who will present the projects selected and incubated, being able to offer any of the participants in the selection process the possibility of forming part of these forums, although the corresponding projects had not been selected in any of the above categories.

the jury may determine the maximum number of projects, and even let the desert call in the above two categories, when it considers that the level of demand for the projects submitted does not cover the expectations of the objectives of the Fund.

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