Romanillos Foundation scholarships for students without resources

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Romanillos Foundation Board convenes annually scholarships for students with few resources to conduct studies in the 2013-2014 course in any public or private of Spain, preferably in Madrid Centre. The deadline to submit applications is open March 1 and ends on April 5.

the matter total earmarked for scholarships is 400,000 euros. The family income of the applicants shall not exceed for the 2013-2014 of course:

-family 1 member 11,460 euros.
Family of 2 18.747 euros.
Family of 3 24.572 euros.
Family of 4 29.081 euros.
Family of 5 members 33.089 euro.
Family of 6 members 36.788 euros.
Family of 7 40.363 euros.
Family of 8 43.976 euros.

starting from the eighth member, joins 3.527 euros for each new Member. Not be granted scholarships for postgraduate studies, as a general rule, except who attended first and second cycle with the help of this Foundation studies and deserve it in the opinion of the Board of Trustees.

by grant amount will be that is requested by or for the grant, without more limitations than which the Board deems appropriate, prior study of the economico-familiares circumstances and the academic record of the applicants. Plus the simultaneity of the studies with work.

to beginning of the month of July 2013 will be made of the relationship of provisionally admitted candidates. Shall be notified, only students admitted provisional, by email or by post, according to the information provided by the applicant, requiring relevant documentation

Board of Trustees of the Foundation, studied once the required documentation, shall adopt the definitive list of fellows. It will be exclusively notified to selected.

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