Resolution of the Ministry of public administration

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The official State Gazette published the resolution of the Ministry of public administration, the Ministry of finance, by which summon new aptitude tests for admission to the profession of administrative manager.

tests be held in Madrid in a period not less than two months from the publication of the call, although those who prove their residence in the autonomous communities of the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands may be testing in these communities.

exercises consist of 50 questions questionnaire type test, a case study, and a subject of general development, related to the content of the areas included in the agenda: constitutional, community, Civil, commercial, administrative, criminal law, labor law and tax.

administrative managers are licensed professionals that inform, advise, advise and represent individuals or legal, professional and SMEs, in all kinds of procedures and actions that relate to the administration.


among other, being in possession of any of the following titles, or their current equivalent duly verified and registered in the register of universities, centres and degrees: Bachelor of law, degree in economics, Business Administration degree, Bachelor’s degree in political science.

in the case of degrees obtained abroad, must be in possession of the credential by the competent authority attesting to its approval.

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