Residencies for artists and national Commissioners

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Spanish Cultural Action (AC/E) and the French Institute have reached a bilateral agreement on an annual basis to promote the exchange of artists and professionals in the cultural sector. In 2013, this agreement means an open call for artists and curators who reside and develop its activity in Spain. The period of residence is structured in two parts, the first will be held at the Cité Internationale des arts in Paris and the second, co-organised with MACSA, Matadero Madrid.

this agreement aims to facilitate the creation of networks of collaboration, promote the mobility of the national artists abroad, promote artistic production by offering residencies for artists and curators and the layout of workspaces, and strengthen the linkages between cultural institutions of France and Spain.

Podran participate persons or legal entities non-profit artists and curators, with capacity Act, related to the Visual Arts and having their residence or main field of action in Spain, whose trajectory or Constitution proving that fact.

means artist or curator to natural or legal persons carrying out work related to the creation of contemporary artistic discourses and/or works of contemporary art.

the purposes and objectives of this call are structured through two modalities of participation, whose conditions are subject to change by exceptional circumstances of the execution of the task

residences in France

offer two residences for artists or resident Commissioners Spain to travel to France and reside in La Cite Internationale des Arts in a period between September 1 and the on November 30, 2013.

the beneficiaries of this call will be:

• accommodation in La Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris from September 1 to November 30 (each room has kitchen, own bathroom and workspace).

• displacement city of residence/Paris/Madrid/City of residence.

• support for the maintenance in Paris: 1150 euros per month.

artists and curators selected undertake to make a public presentation of their work – in the form of Conference, chat or other format agreed upon by both parties – at Matadero Madrid from 1 to 15 December.

the project resulting from the residence you can count on support in production of Matadero Madrid. Such support will not be economic fate, in the form of resources with those who already have the institution: human resources and or materials such as projectors, screens, tables, chairs, plinths, frames, etc.

residence in Matadero Madrid

once the period of residence in Paris, the creators will conduct a short residence at Matadero Madrid from 1 to 15 December. To do so will receive:

• accommodation in Madrid from 1 to 15 December, in case that their habitual residence place in another Spanish city.

conditions of work spaces offering Matadero Madrid for the residence of 1 to 15 December:

• spaces available for artists vary between a minimum of 60m 2 and a maximum of 120m 2.

• provided the basic needs of lighting and electrical current, as well as a minimum of furniture for each of the configurations;

• enclosure will have access to the Internet (wifi).

• spaces can be visited by the public, through days of open doors or other activities organised by Matadero Madrid, in concordance with the artist and the development of your project.

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