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Residence of artistic research Tabakalera

Tabakalera is a center of cultural promotion and creation that seeks to share and create knowledge. This residency program aims to encourage the local fabric and non-local artists are integrated into this artistic dynamics, encouraging reflection and the creation of synergies and interesting initiatives.

together with the the Donostia/San Sebasti√°n 2016 Fundazioa Foundation drives this residency project where different artists ppuedan develop their ideas, live together and result of that interaction will stimulate your mind and your work.

residence begins at the end of 2015 and will last for 2016. Consists of two phases: research activities and sessions that may arise through the process of research, being able to insert one another for the better development of the project.

call for proposals is open to artists, theorists and researchers of any nationality to investigate about society and culture comtemporanea in European contexts through artistic practices.

the deadline for submitting applications ends on October 5. Research can be started on 1 November, until December 31, 2016. The periods of residence in Tabakalera facilities during this period shall not exceed three months in its entirety, the first period should be before the end of 2015.

the request must include contact information, explanation of the project and cover letter, summary of the work with a calendar plan specifying how it will be organized in time; a guidance program of the format of the activity that you want to carry out, a resume and biography and an approximate budget of the cost of the planned activities.