Research grants for democracy

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The National Endowment for democracy calls for grants for research and exchange for 2013-2014 to undertake a research project dealing with the challenges facing democracy in the world.

for the Reagan-Fascell democracy fellowship programme is an international exchange program that provides the opportunity for activists, journalists and academics from the world for a residence for five months at the National Endowment for democracy (NED) in Washington, D.C. to undertake a research project dealing with the challenges facing democracy in the world.

during their stay, participants reflect on their experiences, undertake research, write articles or essays considered good practice and compare lessons learned and develop professional relationships between the global network of democratic activists.

headquartered in the international forum for the study of democracy of the NED, the program offers an environment conducive to the exchange of educational and professional development. In addition, the Forum publishes Journal of Democracy, organizes conferences, and provides access to the library of NED.

the program provides the support of a research assistant and facilitates activities so that participants can exchange with various interest groups located in Washington DC. Participants receive a stipend monthly, airfares and health insurance of roundtrip to Washington, DC. The program does not offer financial aid to family members or other dependents.

program offers two sessions to five months each year for participants to work full time on their projects. Activists focus on strategies for the strengthening of democracy in their country of interest; scholars do a research to publish. Projects may focus on the political, social, economic, legal or cultural aspects of democratic development and include different methodologies or techniques.

the programme also organizes a calendar of events for participants, including an introduction to the work of NED and other similar institutions. Participants must make a presentation of the work and finish a product written during his residency.

the priority of the program is aimed at activists and academics from countries that are developing its democratic process. Academic prestige of the United States and other democracies established also can participate.

activists and journalists must have extensive experience in their area of specialization, while scholars require Ph.d. at the time of application. The program is not a student scholarship, and does not fund professional training or field work. The knowledge of basic English is required and all application materials must be submitted in English.

the application may be submitted until 15 October 2012

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