Research at universities or centers abroad scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Alfonso Martín Escudero Foundation Announces 50 grants to carry out research work in universities or research centres abroad, on issues that are included in any of the following areas:

agriculture and livestock
Marine Sciences
Health Sciences
Food technology

to be eligible for any of these scholarships must meet the following requirements:

Spanish nationality.
Own the title of doctor of any Spanish University or specialty in medicine (MIR), biology (BIR), pharmacy (FIR) or chemical (surgical). In the case of having a degree from a foreign university or a non-State Spanish Center must provide proof the validation or recognition of his title in Spain.
Be admitted in a university or Research Centre abroad for the requested period.
Possess a good knowledge of the language of the host country or any other language that allows fluid in the Centre for research communications.

the duration of the scholarship will be for a minimum period of 12 months and maximum of 24. Shall be determined in accordance with the assessment of the applicant and the interest of the project to be carried out.

the endowment of the scholarship includes:

to) support for transfer and installation for a total of 3,100 euros.

b) sickness and accident insurance subscribed by the Fundación Alfonso Martín Escudero and where appropriate, required by the foreign Centre.

c) monthly allowance between 1,900 and 2,700 euros, depending on the country of destination. (See annex).

candidates shall submit the following documents:

to) request in printed standardized, facilitated at the headquarters of the Foundation or on this website.

B) photocopy of the national identity document.

C) Curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages).

D) photocopy of the certification of the full academic transcript of all university studies performed, stating the qualifications of the subjects in all courses.

E) photocopy of the title of doctor, the title of the specialty, or in its absence, justification of the overcoming of the MIR, BIR and FIR and surgical training period. Accreditation approval of diplomas abroad or in non-official Spanish centres, or the recognition of his title in Spain.

F) two letters of reference from professors, lecturers of University or relevant people with whom the candidate, have pursued studies in support of its application.

G) proof of admission to a university or Research Centre abroad for the requested period.

H) certification of knowledge of the foreign language presented for admission at the University or research center. Otherwise, statement responsible for corresponding proficient at the right level to carry out the research.

I) memory of research to be carried out (maximum 6 pages), in which the work plan and timetable that develops it will be included.

J) statement not having enjoyed prior to the starting date of the stay requested, of any other scholarships, assistance or contract, for stays of investigation or further education abroad more than 12 months, or have another form of aid for research requests.

in case of being selected, the fellow must submit the original certification of the academic document refers to which section 4 of the former base, as well as the title of doctor, specialty, or the justification for having passed the period of formation MIR, BIR, FIR, or surgical, in his case.

a time determined the awarding of scholarships, applicants wishing to do so have within 3 months to recover your documents. After this deadline, all the documentation that has not been requested will be destroyed.

applications, together with the required documents, shall be submitted in the Alfonso Martín Escudero Foundation, Department of foundational purposes, the 30 Brazil Avenue, 28020 Madrid, until 2 p.m. of April 30, 2013. Also you may email account, or by any other means, provided that the date of postmark or delivery order is not later than the date and time limit for admission.

each candidate may submit a single application call for proposals and applications in more than one thematic area will not be accepted.

applications delivered in paper format will not be sent by email and vice versa. In case of duplicity, the request will be cancelled.

not will accept any request with incomplete documentation.

personal data contained in the documents submitted are subject to the protection measures provided for in the organic law 15/99, of 13 December, of protection of data of Personal (BOE of 14 December), and processed exclusively for the purposes provided for in the same, can the interested party exercise, before the Alfonso Martín Escudero Foundation, their rights of access, rectification and cancellation.

scholarship recipients authorize to disclose their names and destination web page centres and other publications of the Foundation.

the selection will be held by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation Alfonso Martín Escudero which may request advice from experts in the subjects of the call object.

the selection will consist of two phases, a first assessment of merit scholars and scientists on the basis of the documentary contribution. Candidates who pass the first stage will be invited to a personal interview.

the award of the scholarship shall be communicated to the beneficiaries from the 21 of October 2013. Also be inform in writing all applicants that not has been granted the scholarship.

the incorporation target Center will be held during the month of January 2014.

monthly allowance depending on the country of destination:

Germany: €2,100

Ireland: €2,100

Argentina: €1.900

Israel: €2,100

Australia: €2,400

Italy: €2,100

Austria: €2.100

Japan: €2.300

Belgium: €2,100

Mexico: €1.900

Brazil: €1.900

Norway: €2.400

Canada: 2.500 €

New Zealand: €2.100

Cuba: 1.900 €

Netherlands: 2.200 €

China: 2,000 €

Peru: 1.900 €

Denmark: 2.400 €

Portugal: 1.900 €

United States: €2,700

United Kingdom: €2.400

Finland: 2.200 €

Sweden 2.400 €

France: 2.200 €

Switzerland: 2.400 €

Greece: 2,000 €

Venezuela: €1.900

other: according to the country’s income level.

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