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The Repsol fellowship program aims to put into practice the knowledge and skills learned during their studies into a multinational company. These scholarships allow that the student develops it in different areas such as engineering, quality, safety and environment, research and development, exploration and production, shopping, people and organization, accounting, Marketing, advertising, systems, financial...

grants also allow internships in Repsol headquarters or industrial complexes. Joining the Repsol fellowship program will take place depending on the profile of the applicant and of the seats available in every moment.

if the applicant is still studying, Repsol offers scholarships for those who are in penultimate and last year's race. In this mode, the requirement is to have 50% of approved appropriations. This type of grant Repsol can be done during the academic year or during the summer months, and can carry out in their facilities the final project through practices in the company.

if, on the other hand, the applicant already has completed their studies, you can choose other forms of scholarships Repsol is part of programs Citius, Optimus, whether it has conducted studies on various business schools or study centres.

if the grant lasts at least 6 months and have a degree after, the applicant can opt for an internal training program (Programme de formation drives) and make a course of generic competences tutored tracking online.

on this link will find the Repsol Fellowship for all 2013 qualifications program.

to be able to participate in any of these scholarships Repsol you must meet the following requirements.

if you are a student:

- having completed at least 50% of appropriations for the race.

- Be registered in the COIE or entity of the University that manages the practices of students. Students contacts with the company will be channeled through the COIES or entities of each university or academic institution, management of such practices.

if you have already finished the race:

- be studying a postgraduate training.

- Have after the qualification in the last four years

other requirements:

- English high

- time morning or full time availability for the internship.

grants Monlau On the other hand, Repsol is also offering scholarships for the school Monlau, covering half of the tuition. It's the best engineers, mechanics and pilots of this school to develop his career and completed his training with practices in competitions such as the World Cup and the CEV Repsol.

scholarships for students of mechanical

- 10 scholarships for students of mechanical of automobile proving best record at the end of the course, being the amount of the scholarship equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the course.

- 10 scholarships for students of motorcycle mechanics showing best record at the end of the course, being the amount of the scholarship equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the course.

scholarships for students of engineering competition

- 4 scholarships for master of engineering students who prove best record at the end of the course equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the course.

- 2 grants to projects more innovative, with a sum of €5,000 each. They are projects that are carried out during the master; the selection of projects will be made by the school teachers themselves.