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    Recognition of environmental merit 2019 by the Government of Mexico

    The Government of the State of Mexico, through the Secretariat of theEnvironment, calls on the collective natural and legal persons environmentalists of the State of Mexico, to participate in the contest to obtain the Recognition of Environmental Merit 2019 .

    OBJECTIVE: To recognize the trajectory of people, organizations and institutions that have carried out relevant actions of environmental priority, that contribute to the sustainable development of the State of Mexico.

    Scholarship benefits

    There will only be one winner for each category and each of them will receive a diploma and the indivisible amount of $50,000.00 (Fifty thousand pesos 00/100 M.N.).

    These are the requirements to apply for

    To qualify for this help you need to meet the following requirements:

    Any citizen or any moral person may apply to receive the "Recognition of Environmental Merit 2019", to candidates at the state level, who carry out or have carried out projects or actions of prevention, restoration and/or outstanding and verifiable conservation in the last 5 years of work, with the exception of youth categories, for the benefit of the environment in the State of Mexico.

    They may participate in one of the following categories:

    1. el individuo, la individua
    2. Juvenile single
    3. Civil society organizations
    4. Academic or research
    5. Academic or youth research
    6. Business sector
    7. Local authorities

    You must also submit the following documentation:

    Proposals shall contain the following structure and documentation:

    • Official registration certificate: document that must be completed with the required information, which is located in the following link: or where applicable will be provided directly at the offices of the numeral.
    • Letter of application: subscribed by the persons or institutions that propose the candidate, where they indicate the category in which they participate.
    • Letter of commitment: subscribed by the candidate, in which he declares under protest of truth, that he has no administrative or legal procedure against him. It also declares the veracity of the documentation provided.
    • Letter of authorship: subscribed by the candidate stating that there are no property rights issues, according to the legal framework.
    • Free writing: two sheets document containing a brief summary of the project presented and exposing the impact and relevance of actions in favour of the environment.
    • Curriculum vitae: updated and with photograph of the candidate, only applicable for the case of natural persons.
    • Copy of official identification: in force, in the case of natural persons.
    • Copy of constitutive act: applies only to the case of moral persons.