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    National Endowment for Democracy
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    1025 F STREET NW. SUITE 800, WASHINGTON DC 20004

Reagan-Fascell Scholarships for Democracy Studies in Washington

The Reagan-Fascell Scholarship Program for Democracy convenes activists, academics, and journalists working for democracy to stay in Washington, DC, USA.

The objective of this programme is to combine new views and perspectives on democracy, through the exploration of new ideas in a comparative context, through the conduct of individual research.

These are the requirements to apply for

The program offers two eligibility modalities with their respective requirements:

  • For activists, human rights defenders and democracy builders.

    • Practical experience in the promotion of democracy and human rights in your country of origin or other of interest.

    • There are no specific professional grade requirements.

    • There are no age limitations.

    • Examples of eligible candidates include: lawyers, journalists, diplomats, labor leaders, political activists, staff of non-governmental organizations, others.

  • The second case is for academics: teachers, academics and writers.

    • Applicants may be academics from emerging democracies or accomplished scholars of the United States and other established democracies.

    • They must have made at least one public presentation of their work and completed a substantial brief.

    • They are expected to hold a PhD.

    • Also, have a proven history of posts.

    • Examples of eligible candidates in this modality are: university professors, researchers, journalists, and writers.

General Eligibility Criteria:

  • Citizens of any country.

  • With advanced English level.

  • Also, propose a project focused on cultural, economic, political, social or legal aspects of democratic development.

  • Availability for five-month residency in the United States.