Rafael del Pino Foundation graduate scholarships

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In modern societies the company constitutes an element of fundamental reference on how much that contributes to economic growth, development and the promotion of social cohesion. Achieving these goals requires boosting the capacity to undertake business activities have a scope of action proper on the basis of individual initiative and the principles of free enterprise, which that leaders respond with their performances to changes in more advanced societies economic, cultural, technological and scientifically.

the globalization of markets and the new economy of information require the continuous adaptation of the skills of leaders and entrepreneurs to the demands of a more competitive and more cultured world. Therefore, in the programming of their activities, the FUNDACIÓN RAFAEL del PINO (hereinafter the Foundation) pays special attention to the promotion of the formation of leaders and entrepreneurs and the culture of free enterprise. As a result, the Foundation has decided to provide a set of scholarships for graduates and graduates Spanish aimed at the enlargement of their studies at universities and research centers of first level.

the objective pursued with this program is the training of leaders and entrepreneurs. Without excluding any specialty, prioritise requests related to the following fields: economy and business, economic analysis of law, education and health.

the level of studies to pursue is graduate (excluding recognition of sufficient research, DEA studies): master’s, doctoral or postdoctoral research studies. Scientific research projects, will also be accepted, depending on the interest of the subject, of the worth of the candidate and the quality of the target Center, although they do not lead to the aforementioned qualifications.

in the case of requests to perform the dissertation abroad, will be essential requirements that the academic work done by the candidate in the University or research centre of destination unequivocally ends within a maximum period of two years and that translates into a cancellation of enrollment or expenses other income that contribute to reducing the amount of the scholarshipwhich will help increase the number of grants awarded by the Foundation.  The scholarship does not cover in any case, the period that the candidate can dedicate to present their works in the job market.

the maximum number of scholarships anticipated for this year is 10, whose enjoyment may start during the years 2013-2014 or 2014-2015. The scholarship is applied to one academic year. Where the duration of the studies to perform is superior to a course, the fellow must request the extension of the Scholarship Foundation after obtaining the notes of the first course and the sending of the corresponding memory. The Foundation will decide about the extension of the grant on the basis of the results achieved. As a general principle, the duration of the scholarship, including the extension, may not exceed two academic courses.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS 1. Nationality. Applicants must have Spanish nationality.

2. All scholarship applicants must have finished the last course of the race at the time of the closing date of this call (18 January 2013 to 14: 00 hours). For these purposes, shall be deemed that the race has finished when each and every one of the subjects have been approved and the rest of the necessary requirements for the issuance of the corresponding title (approval of memory, dissertation or thesis, for example) are met.

3. Areas of study. Spanish citizens who are in possession of a university degree awarded by a Spanish University or, in the case of having an advanced degree from a foreign University, being officially recognised by the Spanish Ministry of education at the time of applying for the scholarship may apply for the scholarship. Exceptionally, the Foundation reserves the right to consider other possible degrees.

4. Language. In the moment of formalising their application, applicants, inexcusable way, must certify documented an excellent knowledge of written and spoken English and the language appropriate to the country where the Centre of destination is located. In any case, they must be in possession of the certification required by this Centre (official TOEFL exam, for example, in the case of the universities of the United States).

5. Marital status. The marital status of the person concerned does not affect the basic conditions for its application. A grant married candidates is considered on an individual basis. If both spouses are candidates applies the same criteria. Regarding scholarships for study abroad, if the fellow is accompanied by the spouse, it turns in a timely manner in Foundation and knowledge of the University or centre that has granted the admission and, in his case, testifying it for purposes of visa, since the passenger must have the necessary resources for their own maintenance.

6. Other requirements. Applicants for a scholarship to study business (MBA) overseas must certify documented in the closing date of the call possessing the minimum work experience to full-time requiring the destination Center.

7. Other scholarships or grants. As a general rule, the fellow may not be beneficiary, simultaneously, no scholarship, income or financial assistance related to the scholarship, public or private, present or future, of another agency or company. In any case, if the fellow got some kind of income during the period of enjoyment of the scholarship, you should communicate this to the Foundation in order to proceed to adjust the amount of the same. If the intern receive some type of financing, present or future, in relation to the studies carried out or performed, by the company that provides its services at the time of application for the scholarship or another organization, the applicant is obliged to reimburse the sums received to the Foundation.

call for proposals closes at 14: 00 hours of the 18 January 2013.

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