Pronabes scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

According to the regulations of the Pronabes in August of each year it gives to know the call for the selection of applicants Pronabes scholarships students, sending both to the public schools of higher education participating newspapers increased circulation in Tamaulipas.

applicants who meet the requirements will be selected primarily on the basis of financial need. 


be Mexican entry requirements
Completion of secondary education
Belong to a family that has income equal or less than 3 monthly minimum wages
Be enrolled in a public institution of higher education
Have achieved a minimum average of 8.0 and approved all materials (in case of not be starting the race)
Not having any benefit from financial or in kind, awarded for their education, by public or private body at the time of application and during the time in which receives the benefits of the PRONABES.

scholarships are renewed in the month of August, when the fellow approve all of the materials and from the third year (5th) semester count with a minimum average of 8.0 in the previous school year.

scholarship is paid monthly for one year (September – December, enero) and increases as it progresses in the studies.

1 year-$750 monthly

2 year-$830 monthly

3 year-$920 monthly

4 year-$1000 monthly

5 year-$1000 monthly

A time that they were already assigned scholarships, the PRONABES staff carries out tours informative in the month of March and April of each yearin order to establish a dialogue with the fellows, apply the survey that sends the national coordination, and inform them about their rights and obligations to keep it.

students are called by teachers coordinators of each faculty, which participate efficiently as the Institute links to participating institutions.

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