Pronabec President of the Republic scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Ministry of education of the Peru through the national programme of scholarships and educational credit, announces the President scholarship for postgraduate studies (master’s or doctorate) in institutions of higher education in Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, Holland, Mexico, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

scholarship is aimed at professionals with academic degree or professional title who have belonged to the third of the order of merit obtained during their undergraduate years reflect his outstanding performance in academic, and insufficient financial resources.

in total summon 500 scholarships in the areas of biology, biotechnology, supply chain, physical and mental health of the Earth Sciences and environment Sciences environment, forestry, physics, chemistry, mathematics, pharmacy and biochemistry, education, engineering, etc.

the requirements to access one of these scholarships are:

have Peruvian nationality in accordance with the law in force.
Be domiciled and resident in the country during the process of the call.
Possess high academic performance during University studies, embodied in the membership in the third or in accordance with the order of merit (priority) of the promotion of graduation at the end of undergraduate studies, reflecting its outstanding academic performance
Be in good physical and mental health, enabling them to complete the program of study.
Not register police, judicial or criminal background.
Notice of unconditional or permanent admission to the postgraduate programme the master’s or doctorate which postulates a scholarship and, at which point mandatory start date and the date of completion of the studies. Master’s degrees or doctorates inter-agency or business shall not be considered.
Have the level of language required by the corresponding educational institution.
Demonstrate, through information and documentation that your monthly income is insufficient to meet the cost of postgraduate studies, and must be eligible according to the information recorded in the financial system and provided by risk plants and by the INFOCORP.

in the case of studies of expertise and for all applicants:

(a) up to 28 years to 31 December of the year of nomination; i.e., to December 31, 2014. . It includes this requirement for officers of the FF.AA and PNP.

(b) possess the academic degree or professional degree from a University recognized by the National Assembly of Rectors (RNA).

in the case of studies of doctorate and for all applicants:

(a) up to 30 years to 31 December of the year of nomination; i.e., to December 31, 2014. It includes this requirement for officers of the FF.AA and PNP.

(b) having the academic degree of master (issued by a University recognized by the Board of Chancellors) or proof of having completed the study

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