Pronabec International postgraduate scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Pronabec Announces International postgraduate scholarships aimed at professionals from various areas, teachers of educational institutions public, officers of the armed and police forces, graduates of Peruvian universities which have academic degree of Bachelor or Bachelor’s degree and interest in master’s or doctoral studies at renowned foreign universities.

applicants must have insufficient financial resources to carry out postgraduate studies abroad, which should fill a socio-economic profile with value of affidavit, which shall be verified through home visits to the applicant.

to apply must have income prior to an academic master’s or doctoral program, which must have the letter of acceptance conditional or unconditional issued by the University where to undertake his postgraduate studies.

the requirements that must be met are as follows:

possess Peruvian nationality.
Having acceptance letter to a master’s degree or doctorate in careers of science and technology at the universities of: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, France, Netherlands, United States, Australia and New Zealand.
Possess academic degree or professional title.
The applicant to master must not have completed graduate studies.
PhD applicant must not have completed doctoral studies.
Have insufficient economic resources, for which you must fill a socioeconomic tab affidavit, the same type that will be verified.

are advised to applicants that must necessarily obtain letter of acceptance to a program of master’s or doctorate in established areas. To do this, they must coordinate directly with the chosen University, which prompts the corresponding documents and the research project that will develop.

these are eligible universities and master’s and doctoral degrees offered, so you must request previously, your letter of admission.


u. Autónoma Nacional de Mexico

technological Monterrey


U. Of the Andes of Colombia

u. de Colombia


u. of Buenos Aires

u. Austral

Pontifical U. Catholic San Maria in Buenos Aires

CHILE U. of Chile

Pontifical U. Catholic of Chile


u. of São Paulo

u. of Campinas

u. Federal of Rio de Janeiro


u. Autónoma de Madrid

U. Complutense de Madrid

u. Carlos III de Madrid

U. autonomous of Barcelona

u. de Barcelona

u. Politècnica de Catalunya

U. Pompeu Fabra

u. de Valencia

u. Politécnica de Valencia

U. of Navarre

U. Vigo

the universities in USAHolland, Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany shall be convened for the second half of 2013.

programs academics in the following areas of knowledge:

physics, chemistry, mathematics, pharmacy and biochemistry.
Biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, animal husbandry, livestock, fisheries, marine sciences and water resources.
Engineering: Civil, mines, mechanical, metallurgical, Informatics, electronics, electrical, chemistry, systems, telecommunications, geology and food industries.
Science of life, camelids, native crops and export, forests and food technologies.
Sciences of the Earth and the environment, Forest Sciences.
Technology, Nuclear energy.
Public policy, public management, Social management or project management, urbanism.
Education and the economy.

entries can be made until 15 February 2013. The selection will be from 18 to 22 February and the results will be published on 28 February.

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