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Programme of short courses for foreign acuaviarios

The Institute for the training and use of human resources (Ifarhu), within its international scholarship program, announces scholarships for the annual programme of short courses for foreign acuaviarios - PACCD in Brazil.

these Ifarhu scholarships are awarded to Panamanian students and professionals for specialization in foreign universities, under the auspices of organizations, agencies, foundations, private and public, international or foreign or higher studies.

the scholarship includes instructors and material school, accommodation and food, local transport to the external classrooms, médica-odontológica assistance in case of emergency. It does not cover airfare and meals.

the deadline for submission of applications closes on September 24.

modalities of courses are basic and advanced fight fire, familiarity in tankers, security in buques-tanque for liquefied gas cargo operations, security operations of cargo in tankers, security in loading in buques-tanques for chemical products, operator harp, capacity in survival at sea boats, general and special protection of ship radioperador.