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Program Seed Money Grant in Switzerland

The Secretary of State for education, research and innovation in Switzerland, through the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, invites all researchers who are linked to a public university or Research Institute, to submit proposals for research to the program "Seed money grant 2015".

the purpose of this program is to support bilateral research cooperation through the financing of research projects. The projects will start in September 2015 and the duration may not exceed 12 months.

the maximum amount for a project is 25,000 CHF (Swiss francs). This funding can be used to cover the activities related to research, field visits, travel costs, equipment and organize workshops or meetings.

partial salary costs may be covered by the work of preparation of a new research proposal that will be presented in a larger funding agency. They must provide a detailed budget. Planned expenditures must be justified and consistent in relation to the proposed research activities. Each partner in-kind and financial contributions should be clearly indicated in the budget.

as requirements to qualify for this assistance are the following:

Switzerland: open to all scientists at the Federal and cantonal, universities, universities of applied sciences, University of education, teachers and public research institutions. Applications for doctoral students must be submitted by their supervisors. Cooperation foreign partners: applicants must be researchers linked at a public research institute or a University in one of the five countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). The principal investigator must occupy a seat as optional or as senior scientist or have a title of doctorate (Phd or equivalent) as well as several years of experience in research. Private sector: members of the industrial sector in Switzerland or in one of the countries mentioned above can collaborate as third parties with their own resources.