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Program Scholarships Masters (CNIC)

The national centre of cardiovascular research (CNIC), with the aim of contributing to the development of human potential in the field of cardiovascular research, through this scholarship program provides the necessary economic support for students that go to make a thesis in one of the laboratories of the IASC to pursue an official master of any Spanish University that suits their abilities and potential.

shall be granted a maximum of 8 scholarships. Candidates who are selected will receive a total economic grant of 13.704 euros distributed in 12 monthly instalments 1,142 euros from the start date of the master. Them also must be paid the costs of tuition for the master after the presentation of proof of such registration in the IASC and the issuance of the title fees.

the program is aimed at graduates, of any nationality, any biomedical science with the qualifications necessary to access an official master of the Spanish university studies and who will develop their thesis project as the pilot project of the master (if any) in one of the laboratories of the CNIC.

the duration is 12 months, and the filing deadline of September 3, 2012.