Program BoosterE

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

RedEmprendia is a network of universities, with the support of Santander and promotes responsible for innovation and entrepreneurship. It does so from commitment to economic growth, respect for the environment and the improvement of quality of life, in line with their universities, the most relevant of the Ibero-American space.

El BoosterE program aims to promote the exchange of experiences, intercultural learning, the training and the generation of international contacts between entrepreneurs who have thought to transform into company your business project, through the implementation of training stays with a duration of two or three months in small and medium-sized companies already consolidated the Ibero.

the program will subsidize the costs of the stay and movement of two recipients for each participating entity associated with this program and will provide insurance coverage for the beneficiary during their stay at the company. With this help they will not try necessarily cover all of the costs of the stay.

the main objective of the program is to acquire experience in managing a company, ensuring the transfer of knowledge and experiences helping new entrepreneurs and businessmen to develop entrepreneurial activities based on knowledge and technological development, the acquisition of experience and skills in the management of companies in other countries.

the program is aimed at new entrepreneurs from the universities of the network, as well as entities associated with this program. Entrepreneurs have to have a business project (which will be presented through a business plan) Besides having adequate training to carry it out. They may not be entrepreneurs whose company has already been lodged.

these new entrepreneurs may be, according to each participating entity deems it:

students of degree or equivalent, preferably in the last year.
Graduates in recent years.
Students of master’s degrees.
Doctoral students.
Doctors in the first years after achieving the title of doctor. 

the receiving company is the company interested in offering stays to new entrepreneurs. It should be small and medium-sized companies – private and non-profit partnerships, consolidated in their sector and with a minimum of 3 years of activity.

stays will be unpaid by the receiving company. In no time the entrepreneur may require remuneration to the company. 

the relationship between entrepreneur and receiving company will not in any case an employment relationship.

the entity’s country of origin will be that University or entity associated with RedEmprendia that the candidate has a relationship and which will be responsible, through a Committee set up for this purpose, in pre-selected applicants from the same. In addition, it will contact with entities of the country of destination of the beneficiary at the time of processing your stay.

the entity’s country of destination will be the entity that will finally support to the beneficiary of the program in the country of destination. It will also be responsible for sure that ER complies with the requirements to participate in the program, and establish contact with the same before and after the stay, to ensure that it meets the requirements of participation and that it understands the objectives, as well as to know after the stay the results thereof. It will also be responsible for providing all the necessary information about the program to the ER in case apply.

minimum requirements for registration:

be entrepreneurs with a firm intention of creating his own company, which will provide a business plan and come from the collective established by the entity of origin.
Have a permanent residence in one of the countries participating in the programme.
Be of legal age.
Having adequate training to carry out their business project.
Having prepared the required information (business plan, CV, motivation and other sections to fill in the application form).

the deadline for submission is August 31, 2014. 

the program will subsidize costs of stay and travel (1,000 euros per month of stay full and an Endowment for the variable displacement). In addition, RedEmprendia will subscribe for free insurance for the beneficiary (travel, accidents, health care and civil liability basic coverage).

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