President Nestor Kirchner 2015 scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The scholarship President Nestor Kirchner is an instance to support the training and promotion of young leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean with academic interest and dedication to public service, in the initial stages of their professional development.

La scholarship PNK is part of the international grants the UNSAM and activities of international cooperation of The New School. Consists of the exchange of ideas and experiences between the / intern/a and academics, politicians and social actors in New York City.

includes a stay from work of two weeks, at preset dates, at The New School, where the / the scholar to present their research and experience to students, academics and political and social leaders.

winning the Nestor Kirchner Fellowship scholar held in New York the following activities:

1. It must present and discuss their work in a seminar of 2 or 3 sessions to be organized for this purpose in The New School, with students and professors from different disciplines, prior distribution of the work in writing;

2. He will have meetings with members of other universities in New York, political and leaders of civil society, according to the scholar profile;

3. It will present a public lecture at The New School;

4. Carry out visits in the city of New York social organizations and multilateral agencies (United Nations, or others) and local government, cultural centers and museums, and University and public libraries.

at the end of the Fellowship, the fellow shall deliver an essay of between 8,000 and 15,000 words that elaborate on carried out discussions and contributions and suggestions received in the course of the grant. The essay must be presented in version English and Spanish (or Portuguese) and handed over to The New School before the three months of completed the scholarship. After its adoption by The New School and the Universidad Nacional de San Martín, the essay will be published in printed and digital version as “Documentos of Trabajo” of the PNK scholarship on this website and in the organizing institutions. ”

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