Predoctoral and postdoctoral travel bags

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Predoctoral and postdoctoral travel bags are aid to promote the active participation of the teaching and research staff, fellows and contracted research, congresses and scientific meetings outside the regional scope of Cantabria.

predoctoral travel bags: teachers not doctors, interns and/or contracted research of the University of Cantabria. In all cases, they must be supported in one of the doctoral programs of the UC.

postdoctoral travel bags: Professor and researcher and contracted personnel of the UC, all of them with the degree of doctor.

call for proposals will be open from the day of its publication until the day 31 October 2012 inclusive. Requests will be handled as long as budgetary availability on this trip bags program.

the application should be made using the standard form available on the website of the University of Cantabria ( and will be presented at the General registry of the University of Cantabria prior to the conclusion of the activity for which aid is requested.

the applicant must be author or co-author of the work (communication, presentation, etc.).

each person may only receive aid for the year. Aid for each Department and/or Institute and for each type of bag (predoctoral and postdoctoral) may only be granted for the same activity.

subsidies are intended to subsidize the costs of registration, travel, accommodation and maintenance caused by the activity to develop.

where aid is granted must be deposited in the Department Institute PRIN.

in no case may transfer agreements, projects, or any other budgetary application.

aid must be justified with the expenditure incurred by the activity indicated in the application and the receiving person. To the previous economic justification is must accompany any document attesting the execution of the activity (copy of the paper or communication submitted or the activity program with the relationship of participants, etc.).

if not be stay or do not justify the total amount, it must return to the budget of the Vice President for research and knowledge transfer.

the amount of bags will amount at most to the following amounts according to the place of destination:

for Spain anywhere: 200 euros
For any country in Europe, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands: 450 euros
For the rest of the world countries: EUR 700.

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