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Postgraduate Foundation Eduarda just scholarships

Eduarda Foundation just graduate fellowships aimed at identifying and targeting young professionals with the greatest potential for the future, and provide the necessary resources so that they are master programs, primarily in management, in the most prestigious universities and business schools in the world.

grants include:

• tuition fees of the program master directly at the host University.

• payment of 1,600 euros per month for child support and lodging expenses during the period of study at the University.

• payment of 1,000 euros for costs of transportation to the destination University.

• payment of 2,000 euros each initial for first installation costs.

applicants must meet, among others, the following requirements: degree, Spanish nationality, and have requested admission to a program of renowned international master.

Eduarda just grants finance the realization of postgraduate programmes, preferably Master in address of business (MBA) in the best universities and business schools in the world. To evaluate their quality, the selection Committee goes to the main international rankings of the best universities in the world (Financial Times, Business Week, U.S. News, etc.).

candidates must comply with all requirements contained in the rules for participation. Among others, it is necessary to have applied for admission to the International University of destiny, and get it before June 1. To apply for postgraduate scholarships, candidates must fill out the application and send it, along with the rest of the required documentation, a:

• memory (draft studies and professional plan, knowledge of languages and international experience, and Personal description).

• supporting documentation: CV, transcripts, Toefl and Gmat results where appropriate, identity card, passport photo, and accreditation of being son of Almería or resident in Almeria, if this condition.

in addition, if desired, may include additional documentation that the candidate considers relevant, as such letters of recommendation or other information of interest to the candidacy.

deadlines to apply for scholarships graduate, for each call, are as follows:

- call and submission of applications: as of October 1 of each year.

- time limit for submission of applications: Foundation offers two rounds of submission of applications: the first ends March 15 of each year, the second on 1 May.

- assessment and selection of applications: as of March 16, until June 1.

- Advertisement for Fellows: first fortnight in the month of June.