Postdoctoral Fellowships in science at Harvard

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Mexico Foundation at Harvard, CONACYT and Harvard University collaborate in carrying out a postdoctoral program for Mexican researchers.

the Mexican scientists who already they have obtained the degree of PhD or equivalent may apply for a postdoctoral fellowship provided they are committed to return to Mexico at the end of their stay at Harvard. All applicants must be currently employed full-time in Mexico, or if they are not employed full-time must demonstrate that his academic career has been conducted in Mexico mostly, although not completely. All applicants must return to Mexico to complete his postdoctoral stay under this agreement.

applicants should have been titled a PhD in a period of not more than three years before the closing date of this call for proposals indicated later, and they can apply for a postdoctoral fellowship in the life, physical and quantitative Sciences, bioengineering or in environmental sciences and engineering.

postdoctoral fellowships are available in the following schools of Harvard:

– College of Arts and Sciences, life sciences, physical and quantitative

– School of engineering and applied sciences, bioengineering or environmental sciences and engineering

– School of medicine, to work with members of the Faculty of HMS

– School of public health

this program is made possible by the vision and generosity of the Government of Mexico, through its National Council for science and technology (CONACYT), and the Mexico Foundation at Harvard.

Mexican applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship in science must first contact the faculty member of Harvard that wish to work on a scientific research project, and must include your CV and a research proposal which explain the reason why the applicant wishes to work with the faculty member in specific.

if the Member of the Faculty of Harvard is interested in working with the applicant for the postdoctoral fellowship, the applicant must send the following materials to the school or schools of Harvard relevant through the portal of ARIeS (searching for the keywords “Mexico Postdoctoral Fellowship”) at the latest on May 1, 2013.

1. CV in English (all candidates must be members of the national system of researchers, Mexico, in any of its categories and levels – candidate national researcher, researcher national level I, II, or III).

2. Copy of the certificate showing membership to the national system of researchers (SNI).

3. Proposal for research work, signed in the form together with the corresponding member of the Faculty of Harvard.

4. The title or document certifying the obtaining the degree of doctor issued by the University in which the degree was obtained (also the translation of the title is necessary or document into English, is not required to be a “certified translation”).

5. Copy of the Mexican passport in which appears the photograph or other document showing that the applicant is a Mexican citizen.

6. Two letters of recommendation in English, people who can certify the academic career and research of the applicant.

7. A note indicating the date that the applicant and the corresponding Harvard Professor, want to start her postdoctoral appointment.

8. A letter of support from the relevant faculty member, that can be attached to the documents present or be sent separately by the faculty member.

the selected grantees may start their postdoctoral appointments at the moment in which faculty members and seekers agree.

nominations for the scholarships will be the fruit of a highly selective process, and applications will be subjected to a thorough review. The scholars selected must demonstrate superior research and a close relation and academic accreditation between the work plan of the research intended to perform during your scholarship and the work performed by Member of the faculty or lab that intend to work. The notice of appointment under the agreement can be submitted at any time during the year.

provides that each year there will be a postdoctoral fellow in each of the 4 schools of Harvard. But Harvard does not guarantee a specific number of postdoctoral appointments.

every school will receive $75,000 per year for support of each postdoctoral fellow admitted to this program. The funds will be used for the stipend of the fellow, insurance of medical expenses and services, support for research, travel expenses and certain other expenses that shall be determined by the corresponding Harvard School.

postdoctoral fellows eligible to receive support under this programme may also seek other sources of financing. Generally, postdoctoral fellows at Harvard are not ‘principal investigators’ research projects, with a few exceptions subject to the policies of the school.

each researcher can be named for a scholarship of one or two years, which will be determined by the corresponding Harvard School. The duration can be extended for one further year. Extend the duration of two years three will require the mutual agreement of the fellow, the corresponding Harvard School, CONACYT and the Mexico Foundation at Harvard.

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