PhD, postdoctoral studies, research and development in Quebec

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Excellence FQRNT scholarship for PhD, postdoctoral studies, research and development of Mexicans in Quebec (Canada) are called.

scholarships are funded by the Research Fund of Quebec – nature and technology (FRQNT) and include the areas of knowledge of science, applied science, technology, engineering, social sciences, humanities and art (except language learning).

scholarships for international students (V) and/or Mexicans (M)

scholarship for PhD (V/M1)
    Fellowships postdoctoral (V/M2) for stay
    Grants for research or refinement (V/M3)-short stay

type and duration of the support offered:

varies according to the program:

V/M1 $25,000.00 CAD for a maximum of three years (9 sessions) equivalent to $325,602.30 pesos at the rate of Exchange on July 16, 2012; with the possibility of extending up to 12 additional months, during which you will receive a monthly payment of $1,000 CAD.

V/M2 $35,000.00 CAD for one year, non-renewable, approximately $455,849.27 Mexican pesos at the rate of 16 July 2012.

V/M3 $3,000.00 CAD per month for a maximum period of 4 months, equivalent to $39,077.50 pesos at the rate of 16 July 2012.

studies should be pursued in Quebec between 1 may 2013 January 15, 2014

minimum requirements

Comply with all the requirements of admission of the corresponding University and scholarship. Read the guidelines of the scholarship in French or English.
That their research project has been accepted by any University of Quebec.
Not having dual nationality, mexicano-canadiense.
Have not previously obtained any kind of scholarship of excellence by the FQRNT.
Not be permanent resident or Canadian citizen of Canada,
Having submitted the application for permanent residence under the Canadian immigration laws

deadlines for receipt of the file:

revisions of dates for the preset in each University of Quebec.

14 September 2012 in delegations outside of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

24 September 2012 at the offices of Mexico DF

1 November 2012 at noon (UTC-5, eastern standard time) to present the candidacy of students selected by the SRE.

the results will be announced in March 2013. / /

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