Ph.d. in sustainability University of Waykato – New Zealand

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Born in New Zealand Zena Daysh was the founder and President of the Council (CHEC) Commonwealth Human Ecology. It was in recognition of this great work and many other achievements that the Waikato University conferred an honorary doctorate in Zena Daysh, in London, in 2009. The doctor Daysh was an advocate for a long time of sustainability, the term used was human ecology. When Zena Daysh died in 2011, a generous donation was made of their heritage to finance this fellowship in sustainability.

the Dr Zena Daysh Doctoral Fellowship in Sustainability provides funds so students carry out research in the field of sustainability to obtain a degree of doctorate in the University of Waikato.

the total period of the grant may not exceed three years of full-time doctoral enrollment.

for the round of requests for 2013, the value of the scholarship will be a subsidy of up to $22,000 per year, payable in monthly installments, and an amount equal to tuition fees annual national to pay during the term of the scholarship. An allocation of preparation of theses to $400 is also available, even after the term of the grant, when the thesis is submitted within four years of the beginning of the enrolment of PhD.

candidates may come from a wide range of academic disciplines, where his research focuses on sustainability. All applicants, whether national or international, must comply with the criteria of the University of the PhD program. 

the application deadline ends on November 30.

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