Persan-EDEM scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Persan Foundation be granted tuition scholarships and, eventually, scholarships for the costs of travel, residence and maintenance with the intention that five Andalusians or residents in Andalusia have degree ADE, mention of creation and management of companies, entrepreneurs from the school of entrepreneurs EDEM route.

grants will cover totally or partially the cost of tuition. In the same vein, the study AIDS can be total or partial. In any case, the limit covering Persan-EDEM scholarships will be 35,000 euros annually for four years.

the tuition scholarships will be awarded according to socioeconomic circumstances, academic achievement, values, attitude and experience of the applicant. Study aid shall be granted solely according to the socio-economic circumstances of the beneficiary.

all candidates to study the degree of ADE in DTS must make a pre-registration in the school of entrepreneurs and, simultaneously, the Andalusians candidates to have a scholarship should be directed

to the Persan Foundation. The EDEM selection process consists of several phases:

1. Written tests and group dynamics.

2. Personal interview.

students will pass that evaluation in Seville will constitute a joint Commission with members of EDEM and the Persan Foundation for the selection process and the allocation of scholarships. It is essential to overcome the selection process of EDEM to access one of the Persan Foundation scholarships.

the socio-economic situation will involve 40 points a total 100 points. The next chapter to be more taken into account is the academic outcome, which added 30 points. The attitude and values will be the third most important criterion (20). And for the rest (10) the entrepreneurial and professional experiences are taken into account. In any case, the opinions of teachers that the candidate has had at your school, college or previous vocational training centre will be taken into consideration.

resources. Statement of income and the last three payslips or income of parents and other members of the family unit. 20 points. That comes with a scholarship of whether former Center, 8 points. Have studied in a public school or professional training, 6 points. Disabled people in charge of the family unit, 4 points. Large family, 2 points. Academic record. How much will be the weighted average of the record of the student in that school and proof of access to the University (PAU). 30 points for those who have on average 9.1 to 10. 24, for the average between 7.1 and 9. 15 for an average of 6.1 to 7. And 3 to average 5-6. Attitude. Proactive, positive, with ability to work in group, committed to comply with the internal rules and participate in the activities proposed in DTS. 10 points values. Culture of effort, respect, discipline, entrepreneur. 10

points. Experience professional in summer or weekends, or enterprising attempt to mount any activity. 10 points.

to obtain scholarships or study AIDS that are called there is a limitation of the number of beneficiaries. It is necessary that the applicant, in addition to meeting all the requirements, achieves a coefficient of priority which position you within the number of scholarships or grants convened or the spending limit of $ 35,000 per year.

for the calculation of income and the family estate for the purpose of scholarship or help to the study, computable Member will be parents and, in his case, the guardian or person responsible for the care and protection of minors, who shall be regarded as major supporters of the family. Family for purposes of scholarship or aid income is found by aggregation of income from each of the eligible members of the family unit to obtain income of any nature. The initial threshold to qualify for a scholarship or study support is an income less than $ 10,000 by computable member of the family unit.

La Persan Foundation is committed to maintaining these scholarships and grants during the four years that lasts the degree of ADE of the EDEM. Scholarship recipients must demonstrate a remarkable academic achievement and be reviewed every year their socio-economic circumstances.

delivery of applications is open until July 3. The scholarships will be resolved on July 15. 

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