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Nieman-Berkman in innovation journalism fellowships

Scholarships Nieman-Berkman in innovation journalism brings individuals to Harvard University to work on a specific course of research or a specific project related to innovation in the field of journalism. The grant is a collaboration between the Nieman Foundation for journalism and the Berkman Center for Internet and society at Harvard University. Both organizations share a set of common interests around journalism, innovation and the evolution of the digital space, and both have scholarship programs long offered a year of learning and collaboration with others in the Harvard community.

campus, Nieman-Berkman Fellows take advantage of the wealth of resources at Harvard University and in the surrounding area for his work. These scholarships are open to applicants of United States and international. Candidates must be journalists working for a news organization, in the area of technology and leadership. Independent journalists are also eligible for these scholarships.

the application for scholarships Nieman-Berkman 2015-2016 period concludes on December 1, 2014.