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Navarre master 2012 scholarships

Convened scholarships Navarra master 2012, scholarships for University navarros pursue Masters of recognized prestige in the best universities around the world.

the aim of these grants is to foreign universities master's programmes favouring the internationalization navarro business sector and society as a whole on his return.

scholarships are aimed at university graduates navarros with studies completed in the ten years prior to the call.

scholarships are divided into five broad areas: Science and technology, business, social and legal sciences, health sciences and arts and humanities. Each scholarship could reach a financial envelope of up to 40,000 euros for up to two academic courses.

the deadline for submission of applications for scholarships Navarra master 2012 ends on June 1.

requirements scholarships Navarra master 2012 Nationality Spanish or any of the Member States of the European Union. Having been born in Navarre. Be registered in Navarre with at least five years old, to which it must present the certificate of registration having served as employed outside a company or institution headquartered in Navarre during the year prior to the filing of the application, continuously. Be in at least one of the two following situations: be in possession or having applied for the title of official University programmes (in the case of having a degree from a foreign University, it must be officially validated by the Ministry of education Spanish at the time of application), with degree of Bachelor's degree, diploma or title required by the University in which you want to perform the master, having paid the corresponding rights or, failing that, be enrolled in their final year of a degree of the above, and must prove the completion of studies at the time of acceptance of the scholarship. Having completed his university studies, non-graduate, a maximum of ten years prior to the date of publication of the call. Date of completion of studies appearing in the academic certificate means exclusively for such purposes.